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Enemy of My Enemy

The Power Company is dispatched to Soviet Russia to prevent the death of Winston Churchil and Joseph Stalin by a mysterious Nazi Assassin. Find out more in…Issue #8 of Sensational Comics: Enemy of My Enemy.

Enemy of My Enemy

Session Dates: September 22, 2012
Featuring: Malocchio, Red Rocket, Rip Scarlet, & Saboteur

British Intelligence decodes a secret message sent by Nazi Agents. The message reveals a German plot to assassinate Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin. The pair are to meet in Russia for a secret conference. Major William Graves, second-in-command of the Allied Initiative, is suspicious about the identity of one of the Nazi Agents and calls in Saboteur and the Power Company. Saboteur is certain that one of the Nazi Agents is Colonel Oberst Reinhardt Schmitz, known as the Iron Eagle. Convinced that if the Iron Eagle is in Russia then the assassination plot is real, Graves sends Saboteur, Malocchio, Red Rocket, and Rip Scarlet to foil the Nazi scheme.

Smuggled into Russia, the Power Company makes contact with Captain Pyotr Carmanoffski (Captain Kremlin) and his partner Agent Katrina Andronova (Wild Kat), their liaisons while in Russia. Captain Carmanoffski explains the changes Russian Secret Service has made to the original meeting location at the Winter Palace. Essentially the whole palace is now a trap, complete with shape-shifting Russian agents posing as Churchill and Stalin. What concerns Agent Andronova is the other reason for the secret meeting, which may be the real goal of the Nazis. A mysterious fragment of an ancient tablet is being sought by the Nazis, and Stalin has such a fragment. Andronova believes that assassinations may be cover for the theft of the fragment.

With Churchill and Stalin now meeting in Moscow, but everyone pretending as if the meeting is still going on at the Winter Palace, The Power Company accompany their liaisons to Moscow. Malocchio is intrigued by the ancient fragment while Rip Scarlett and Red Rocket wonder if they might be a better way to smuggle it out to the Allied Command. Meanwhile, Saboteur continues to form a plan to lure out the Nazi Super Spy, Iron Eagle. At a request from Malocchio, Agent Andronova takes the necromancer, Rip Scarlett and Saboteur through a labyrinthine maze to the secret treasure vault where the fragment is being housed. Meanwhile Captain Kremlin takes Red Rocket to learn more about the importance of the fragment.

Deep in the underground treasure vault, Rip remains outside with the vaults guards, while Saboteur and Malocchio go together with Agent Andronova. The fragment is massive! It is the size of a full billiards table. But its ancient writings have some meaning to Malocchio who describes them as Atlantean. Saboteur proposes a means to get the fragment out and Agent Andronova approves. Malocchio triggers a magic incantation on the fragment shrinking it to a more portable size. Agent Andronova moves to apparently create a diversion using Rip, but instead kills the two guards at the vault’s doors. With the quartet having very little time before the guards bodies are discovered, The Power Company and Agent Andronova flee. Rip tries to report in at the British Embassy, but inadvertently reveals their plans to a spy masquerading as a British Major. Forced to flee, Malocchio and Rip smuggle the fragment and Agent Andronova out of Russia with Red Rocket and Captain Carmanoffski’s help, while Saboteur goes underground to prepare for the Power Company’s return and to try and locate the Iron Eagle.

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