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Welcome players, gamers and friends alike to my latest epic campaign Stars & Garters: Adventures in World War II. I have been planning to do something along these lines for awhile now, but with a little push in the right direction Stars & Garters has resulted.

Our campaign is set in the early days of 1942, after the Americans have come into the war following the vicious Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour. Now both the Allied and Axis powers are at full strength. But while total war eclipses much of the world, the Allied Leaders have learned that the Axis powers have released their meta-humans into the war. In response, the Allies create the Allied Initiative where their own superheroes can coordinate and confront the Axis super-soldiers on an even footing.

With the great amount of interest from several of my friends, this campaign runs about once or twice a month and will feature a rotating cast of players to take part in missions that will aid the allies in their war against the oppression of the Axis.

Currently the party has only just begun to engage their enemies and discover the depth to which the Axis powers will go to achieve victory. After releasing the ancient Norse monster Fenris into the world, our heroes (called The Power Company) must strive to save not only civilization, but the entire world from destruction. Further information regarding this campaign, the setting, the story so far and many other interesting elements can be found in the links below. Thank you for visiting and enjoy the adventure!





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