Strange Blue Serum


Recovered from a hidden Nazi Research Center, it is believed that this compound may be a new Nazi super-soldier serum. With its creator Doktor Switghz in custody, it is only a matter of time before Allied scientists discover the truth. Although the good doctor is not being cooperative, so for the moment its requires the good old fashion Allied know-how to solve this mystery.


Clearly the serum causes mutations in humans, something beyond normal science. The captured British airmen were all exposed to it and with one notable exception they became cheetah-men also the Nazi Nacht-Feuer gained the ability to manipulate fire. It is unclear at this time why Airman Jason Willis was not affected by the serum. A regime of tests are in store for him.

One question remains: Was the Iron Major also a test subject for the super-soldier serum? His iron hard skin and iron hands do beg the question. Perhaps Doktor Switghz can provide some information on this mystery…given time.

Strange Blue Serum

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