Yamakura Yaka

A mysterious agent of Japan, who is sworn to advance the interests of the Empire


Madam Yamakura sought years ago to claim Milorad Milovic’s invention of the first working Jet Pack for Japan. Only by chance did Milovic and his invention escape Yamakura Yaka’s grasp. This highly trained warrior appeared years later leading a special squad of jet troopers, but the technology appears to be flawed as most were killed and the jet packs destroyed.

Yamakura Yaka survived the encounter, and has set her sights of Red Rocket’s Jet Pack. She is convinced it is the same invention that escaped her years earlier. As such she has targeted Red Rocket. Red Rocket treats Madam Yamakura as a personal nemesis but has yet to reveal her reasons.

First Appearance: Issue #7


Yamakura Yaka

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