Otto Rhan

One of Himmler's SS comanders and a sorcerer in his own right.


Cold-hearted and ruthless, Otto Rhan is a senior member of Himlier’s staff. A Colonel in the SS, Rhan is also an archeologist and sorcerer. Steeped in the mythology of norse legends as well as the powers of the Occult, Otto Rhan was the perfect choice to command the mission to retrieve the Hammer of the Gods from its icy tomb in Norway.

Since that mission, Rhan has become possessed by Fenris who uses the Colonel’s influence, contacts and authority to further his plans for world destruction. Rhan wants no part of it and is slowly working the free himself. A task made easier by the continued interference of the Power Company.

First Appearance: Issue #1 Hammer of the Gods

Otto Rhan

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