Once a mobster who used Nercromancy to further his crimes, now on parole to fight the Axis powers.


Malocchio, The Evil Eye (900 pt. character)
Salvatore Valentino
Human Male Necromancer Mobster
Medium humanoid
Init: 21; Senses: Perception 9/9
Languages: English, Italian
Defence: physical 12/6 (7/6 flat-footed) or vs. metal 12/15, mental 7/6, mystical 7/12, fear effects 7/7
Health: Body: 6, Mind: 6, Spirit: 7
Hero Points: 26
Speed: 30 ft. (walk)
Melee Unarmed Strike 7/4
Ranged Beretta 7/6
Ranged Twist Metal 9/9
Base Attack 7/4; Grapple 4/4
Abilities: Dex 7, Str 4, Body 6, Int 7, Will 4, Mind 6, Influ 7, Aura 7, Sprt 7
Motivation: Power Lust
Powers: Animate Dead: 8, Comprehend Languages: 8, Force Field: 9, Gliding: 8, Magic Sense: 10, Magic Shield: 5, Metal Manipulation: 9, Speak With Dead: 9
Power Limitations: Force Field can only stop metal or metallic objects.
Skills: Acrobatics (dodging): 5, Occultist: 8
Advantages: Connections: Magical Community (High), Criminal Underworld (High); Iron Nerves, Scholar (Necromancy), Sharp Eye, Sidekick (Gravestone)
Drawbacks: Mistrust, Public Identity
Occupation: Career Criminal
Wealth: 8
Equipment: Beretta [Body: 6, EV: 6, Range: 6, Ammo: 6, R#: 2]
Notes: All player characters benefit from Credentials: Allied Military (low)


Born Salvatore Andolini from Napoli, Salvatore’s parents paid to send him to America in 1922 at the age of 14 for fear of the political instability in Italy following the First World War and the hope of giving Sal a better life. Sal was taken in by an Italian couple in Chicago who had a habit of taking in young immigrants so long as they were willing to pay their way. His first job was as a shoeshine boy and Sal quickly learned that while America might be the land of opportunity, there were plenty of people jockeying to be in front, so you would have to be bold and ruthless to get ahead.

Like many young people, Sal idolized the Made Men of the Mafia who were big shots, and were enjoying the benefits of prohibition. He impressed one of them and got a job as a Valet at a Mob run Speakeasy. It was during this time that Sal first met The Great Mancini, a stage magician who performed séances and spiritualism as part of his act at the Speakeasy. Sal was fascinated and started asking after the man. During a police raid, Sal got the Great Mancini out of the speakeasy and into someone else’s waiting car, getting both of them to safety. His resourcefulness impressed Mancini who decided to take him on as a personal assistant. Mancini revealed that it was not stage trickery that he was using in his act, but actual magic, and he began to teach Sal the arts of Necromancy, or speaking with the dead, and introduced him to many new contacts in the mystical community over the next 5 years. Early in his studies, Sal noted that Mancini had scrolls indicating that far more was possible than merely what Mancini was using, but Mancini called himself a “white necromancer” and refused to teach the black arts. Undaunted, Sal found ways to slip into Mancini’s study when he was out and taught himself anyway. Mancini eventually caught him and the two had a wizard’s duel and Mancini won, but as Sal suspected, the White Necromancer could not bring himself to actually take a human life and so merely banished him.

Sal began using his powers for personal gain, and his association with the mob quickly made him realize that when the mob silenced squealers by killing them, he could then learn their secrets. Sal’s big break came in 1929 after the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre when he exhumed the seven dead mobsters killed by Capone, got them to tell him everything, and then raised them as his zombie goons. Using his insider knowledge and fearsome undead, he muscled his way into a position with the mob, and changed his last name to Valentino to emphasize the source of his power. The local Italian community however started to call him by a different name; Malocchio, or in English, The Evil Eye.

Malocchio became a Made Man quickly and his terrifying reputation only helped him in the mob, as well his inside information from silenced men, meant that many of the senior mobsters were forced to let him do as he pleased. Fortunately for them his interests largely involved accumulating more wealth and magical power. Malocchio bartered the services of the mob to any number of evil magicians in exchange for access to rituals, occult libraries and rare artifacts. It was around this time that Malocchio began to experiment with ways to expand his powers. When Antonio Scalletti, someone he had befriended when he first came to America, had died in a shootout with police, Malocchio attempted to raise him using a new ritual and Tony came back as a free willed zombie independent of Malocchio’s control or commands. Malocchio was pleased by this and attempted to create more, but the ritual never worked a second time, despite Malocchio’s best efforts. With unnatural endurance, strength and no need for rest or food, Antonio made a name for himself as “Tony Peitra” or Tony Gravestone.

When Al Capone was jailed in 1932, Malocchio was set to take control of the entire mafia, but ran afoul of the costumed adventurer Brother Hawk who proved the superior opponent and Malocchio was jailed. Malocchio broke out several times, and was recaptured by Brother Hawk twice until he was put in a facility with very careful instructions on how to hold him. By the time Malocchio got out, two years later, prohibition was over and his opportunity had passed by. Undaunted, Malocchio continued to work closely with the mob and Tony Peitra (who had been sent to the chair, and then released on a technicality when he was declared legally dead). Malocchio served as the “go to” guy when the mob started to encounter problems with costumed Mystery Men. At least three costumed adventurers met their ends at the cold hands of his undead flunkies. Still, Brother Hawk proved to be the one opponent he could not beat and he was arrested again in 1941.

During the draft, Malocchio had actually applied for military service when he realized the inherent power of a necromancer on the battlefield, however he had been rated 4F and unfit for service on the basis of “moral unsuitability”. As the war began requiring more and more men and the army became more desperate, he began a letter writing campaign to try and get himself along with Tony Peitra released to aid the war effort on the basis of the “unique contribution possible by their special skills”. Malocchio was personally approached by Colonel Romney in prison and asked why he should be released and Malocchio answered “How many letters have you had to write to mothers saying that their sons have died in battle, only to have to send more young men to try and take the same hill? What if the first ones to die, were the only ones who had to die? What if those first soldiers sacrifice would never be in vain because they could keep fighting until the battle was won? Would that be of use to you?” The orders for the release of Malocchio and Peitra were said to have been submitted that same day.

First Appearance: Issue #1 Hammer of the Gods


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