Brother Hawk

The irresponsible ex-child superhero who doesn't take his power seriously enough.


Brother Hawk (900 pt. character)
Freddie Fallon
Human Male Reincarnated Warrior Mage
Medium humanoid
Init: 13; Senses: Perception 2/2
Languages: English, Western European languages
Defence: physical 5/14 (3/14 flat-footed), mental 2/4, mystical 8/16
Health: Body: 6, Mind: 4, Spirit: 8
Hero Points: 5
Speed: 30 ft. (walk)
Melee Unarmed Strike 3/3
Melee Staff of Horus 5/8
Ranged Magic Blast 8/8
Ranged Mystic Blast 8/8
Ranged Mystic Freeze 8/8
Base Attack 3/3; Grapple 3/3
Abilities: Dex 3, Str 3, Body 6, Int 2, Will 4, Mind 4, Influ 8, Aura 8, Sprt 8
Motivation: Thrill of Adventure
Powers: Magic Blast: 8L, Magic Sense: 10, Magic Shield: 8L, Mystic Blast: 8L, Mystic Freeze: 8L, Skin Armour: 8ML
Skills: Occultist: 8L, Weaponry: 5L
Advantages: Artifact [Staff of Horus], Connection (Magical Community/High), Scholar (immortality rites), Languages (European 1), Rituals [Rite of Permanence, Recitation of Divine Law, Gift of Natural Force), Eye of the Center, Calling of New Life]
Drawbacks: Arch Enemy, Debt, Oblivious, Secret Identity
Occupation: Soldier
Wealth: 10
Equipment: Staff of Horus [Body: 6, EV: 8, Shrinking: 10]
• Rite of Permanence (Invulnerability 6, $400, cast 1min, Can be cast on others, requires conscious, consenting target) cost: 24hp
• Recitation of Divine Law (Awareness 10, No Cost, 4 hour casting, must be cast while sleeping/dreaming) cost: 6hp
• Gift of Natural Force (Adrenaline Surge 6, $400, 1 min, magus glows obviously, affects all physical attributes) cost: 43hp
• Eye of the Center (Remote Sensing 10, $1000, 15 min cast, Magus is obvious to people at location observed) cost: 36hp
• Calling of New Life (Damage Transference 6, $400, 1 min cast, No risk of caster injury, person healed gets bonus to track Magus) cost: 32hp
Notes: All player characters benefit from Credentials: Allied Military (low)


Freddie Fallon’s childhood in Canada was deeply removed from his family history. Freddie’s great grandfather had been a British imperialist who had been responsible for the theft of many of Egypt’s treasures during the upswing in their popularity. His great grandfather also took a local bride, whom he was unaware had a very distinguished bloodlines dating back to the Pharaohs.

Freddie was approached by his mentor at an early age and told that he was the reincarnation of Uamentemi the Strong, one of Horus’ Generals and a gifted warrior wizard. Freddie seems to remember some of Uamentemi’s power and skill instinctively, but he sees his power through 20th century eyes until he can start to really understand his own identity. Freddie and Uamentemi must learn to be the same man.

Personality: Freddie has great power and force of personality, but he is still young and foolish. His skill and power are not earned and he often acts in an ill considered and rash manner. The fact that he seems to express a disregard for learning and expertise (since he did not earn his knowledge in this lifetime) frustrates other Magi, who want Brother Hawk to understand and appreciate his own power.

First Appearance: Issue #1 Hammer of the Gods

Brother Hawk

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