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Rage & Fire

Infiltrating a secret Nazi prison camp is hard enough, but the Power Company may have uncovered something the Nazis are keeping from the rest of the world. Have our heroes entered a true heart of darkness? Can the Power Company free the prisoners and emerge victorious from a dread confrontation with Fenris himself. Find out in…Issue #5 of Sensational Comics: Rage & Fire.

Issue 5 Cover

Rage & Fire

Session Dates: June 30, 2012
Featuring: American Way, Brother Hawk, Huntress, Malocchio, Red Rocket, Rip Scarlet, Le Sabateur

Following the information gained from Rene Darbonne, Colonel Romney authorizes an infiltration deep behind enemy lines to discover where these missing French villagers are being sent, and why the Nazi’s are going to such lengths. The Power Company, disguised as SS officers, manage to board a train heading for the highly secretive “prison camp” Sobibor.

Between their mystical skills, Brother Hawk and Malocchio discover that the camp is protected by an extremely powerful force field. A defense which will render any allied attack useless. But that is not the only secret at Sobibor. Here hundreds of innocent people are being massacred at an astonishing rate and the necromantic power being unleashed is being controlled by none other than Fenris himself.

Acting before their cover can be blown by the Colenel Otto Rhan, American Way is able to convince a Nazi patrol of insurrection and have them storm the Norse God’s sanctum; while in the process discovering the artifact that controls the force field. Brother Hawk discovers a powerful Gorgon amidst several mystical treasures, which he lets loose upon Fenris and his disciples. Meanwhile, Huntress, Rip Scarlett, Malocchio and Red Rocket lead a prisoner revolt and decimate most of the German guards. While Malocchio recruits a new army of the dead, Huntress and Rip attempt to steal German secrets and a code device. Soon our heroes confront Fenris who, even though the heroes seem to out match him, handily defeats our heroes by stripping them of their powers. While Huntress and Brother Hawk help the prisoners to flee by train, the rest of the team attempt to buy time. However, they are hurled through a mystical portal.

Awakening, American Way, Rip Scarlet, Malocchio and Red Rocket find themselves in Japanese held territory watching as a red sun rises in the east.



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