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Operation Inferno

A missing team of airmen and a secret Nazi research center draw our heroes into another exciting adventure in…Issue #2 of Sensational Comics: Operation Inferno

Issue 2: Operation Inferno

Operation Inferno
Session Date: October 2, 2011
Featuring: American Way, Brother Hawk, Rip Scarlett, Malocchio, Red Rocket

Sequestered to the aircraft carrier HMS Courageous, Col. Romney explains to our heroes the discovery of a secret Nazi research center. Located by a British recon team, our heroes are advised by British intelligence officer Major Graves that the Nazis could be testing secret weapons there. Worse the recon team were captured and must be rescued. With the aid of the “Lady White Rose”, Rip Scarlett’s custom de Havilland Mosquito, our heroes retrace the path of the British recon team.

As the sun sets, Rip and the American Way identify the mysterious island ahead, but they too have been noticed. Spied by an enemy air patrol, our heroes must prevent the Nazis from contacting the island. Red Rocket opens the rear hatch and dives out activating her jetpack. She begins to weave around one of the Nazi aircraft. Malocchio conjures a spell that begins tearing at the propellers of one plane, while Brother Hawk paralyses the pilot of another with his mystic gaze. Rip must out fly the Nazi pilots as a dog fight begins. American Way and Malocchio’s old partner, Tony Gravestone, fire wave after wave of machine gun fire into the enemy planes. With our heroes combined abilities, the Nazi air patrol is destroyed. Now Rip can bring the plane into a secret landing with those on the island still unawares.

Landing atop a large plateau, our heroes descend the cliff face to the forest below. While the more cautious use traditional means, Red Rocket flies down, while Brother Hawk jumps down the side of the precipice. Once in the forest, our heroes must locate the missing airmen and reach the Nazi research center on the other side of an inactive volcano. American Way’s skilled navigation and tracking guide our heroes quickly toward their destination. It quickly becomes clear that someone or something is tracking our heroes. In a small clearing, the party is set upon by cheetahs. While the small melee rages, Malocchio notices that there is something strange about the creature’s paws or rather hands. Easily vanquishing the creatures, our heroes discover that these were once the British airmen they had been sent to rescue. The remains of uniforms tell the tale; however, there is one member of the airmen unaccounted for: the group’s leader, Airman Jason Willis.

Raising the spirits of the dead airmen, Malocchio attempts to learn what they found on the Island. The spirits speak of strange experiments and thank the heroes for setting them free. As our heroes move on, Malocchio converts their bodies into zombies to assist him in the mission. As our heroes reach the fringes of the forest they spot the Nazi base. A small runway, a dock, and a complex built into the volcano. Using the zombie airmen to create a diversion, our heroes enter the Nazi complex subduing what guards are not drawn away.

Inside the complex, our heroes discover stores of equipment, strange machines and laboratories. Brother Hawk uses one lab to assist him in imbuing an object with the power to locate Airman Willis. Finding him, Rip and Red Rocket free him from his bounds. Willis tells them more about the experiments and how the serum they injected into him failed to work, hence why they were keeping here for further testing. Willis believes they are testing a new super-soldier serum. Emboldened, our heroes discover an observation room overlooking an examination room where one man is strapped to a table where an elderly scientist looks to be filling a needle. Nearby, the operations are being watched by a Nazi Major and his guards. Wasting no more time, American Way and Rip Scarlet burst into the room to stop the experiment. Red Rocket makes a grab for the scientist and captures him. Malocchio and Gravestone cover the only other exit, while Brother Hawk attempts to use his mystic gaze on the Major.

In that instant, the man strapped to the table starts to burn. Reaching out one of his arms, he shoots a burst of flame at Brother Hawk. American Way and Rip Scarlett close with the Major and the guards only to find that punching the Major is like hitting cold iron. With the flaming Nazi and Brother Hawk seeming to be evenly matched, Red Rocket secures the scientist and grabs a fire hose aiming it at their blazing enemy. Steam fills the room, and an unseen technician makes a run for the only other exit. He doesn’t make it very far, as Malocchio and Gravestone stop him dead in his tracks. While the Iron Major fights both Rip and American Way in a brutal melee, Brother Hawk, with Red Rocket’s help, gains the upper hand on the burning Nazi. With seeming defeat before them the fiery Nazi grabs hold of the Major and launches into the air and escape.

At the heroes’ feet struggle the scientist and with him in tow, they set the complex to explode. Using a now zombified Nazi guard and his grenades to detonate the entire complex. Our heroes make their escape from the island watching the Nazi research center burn with the rising of the sun.


Nice write-up :)

Operation Inferno

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