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Fury of the Dragon

The Power Company must aid General Mao and defend the village of Xialo from both the mystical and conventional forces of the Imperial Japanese Taskforce, led by the Crimson Samurai. It is a clash of the titans, and for some old enemies will emerge. Find out more in…Issue #7 of Sensational Comics: Fury of the Dragon.

Fury of the Dragon

Session Dates: August 19, 2012
Featuring: American Way, Malocchio, Red Rocket, Nomad, Rip Scarlet, Palette, Saboteur, & Brother Hawk

The army marches through the storms. One, then two, then three marching onward. Through the sheets of rain, nine gigantic forms march toward the mountain village of Xialo. And on each of the giants in pouches, on shoulders and hanging on to ropes were hundreds of men, armed and waiting. Standing tall upon the lead giant’s shoulder was a samurai dressed in crimson armour. His arms crossed before him, as he stared out toward the fast approaching mountains.

Brother Hawk, after discovering the disappearance of Saboteur and Huntress, calls in Palette and Nomad to help him trace their whereabouts. The Trio from the Power Company using Nomad’s mystic abilities determine that their comrades have arrived in occupied China and through the mystic pathways; Nomad leads them to their allies.

In the village of Xialo, our heroes have completed their preparations for the upcoming attack. General Mao and his troops are deployed to maximum effect and even the animals of the forests have come to the village’s defence thanks to Huntress. Malocchio continues to command the monsoon rains to wash over the lands, while Saboteur and American Way prepare more mundane defences. Out in the storms, a wounded Rip Scarlet who flies a dangerous and possibly suicidal mission is confronted by the mysterious Divine Wind. Despite the crop duster loaded with sleep gas being torn apart by the raging weather, Rip manages to escape danger and reunite with Palette, Brother Hawk and Nomad.

With the Power Company together again at Xialo, the battle there now begins in earnest. Nine giant walkers, made of the very forest itself, begin the assault on the village. While the Crimson Samurai commands some of the giants to reshape their wooden hands to mallets and begin smashing the mountain face, other deploys troops to march to the village, while other climb the opposite cliff face.

Our Heroes waste no time, American Way jumps into action to confront the Crimson Samurai in mortal combat, Nomad uses her powers to hide explosives and sow confusion among the enemies. Together Saboteur and Malocchio use the necromantic powers of the Blade of Souls and the Orb of Fenris to drain the life force from the Japanese invaders. Palette draws a magical dragon and brings it to life to attack the cliff climbers. While Brother Hawk uses his ancient mystical might to blast the enemy troops. Huntress commands the animals to delay and confuse the Japanese soldiers forcing them into traps, while Red Rocket and Rip Scarlett take to the air and attack their enemies from above.

As the battle rages, Malocchio is able to charge the Orb of Fenris and erect a magical sphere around the village for protection. Soon Divine Wind appears in a cyclone, which she controls to allow a fleet of Japanese fighter planes and rocket men to attack Xialo. Red Rocket, Palette, and Brother Hawk attempt to wear down the newest attackers. Nomad rescues American Way from certain death, while Saboteur and Malocchio turn their dark powers and instruments against the giants themselves. The battle carries on, with each side gain and losing ground.

Finally, American Way and Saboteur are able to bring down the Crimson Samurai. The rest of our heroes, with the help of General Mao and his troops, change the tide. The Giants are defeated, the air planes are routed and the rocket men dead. Only the rocket men’s commander the shadowy Yamakura Yaka manages to escape. Thus ending the Battle of Xialo.

Following the battle, our heroes leave the village and the remaining captives in General Mao’s capable hands as well as the magical orb of Fenris and return to the European theatre confident that they have made a difference in the fight against the Japanese Empire.

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